Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Keeping in shape is one of the most important goals of all fitness lovers all around the world. However, have you known how to burn fat effectively with Peloton? If you are curious, let’s check out this complete guide for the Peloton weight loss workout plan and schedule here!

In this guide, you will find all information on weight loss training with Peloton: the classes, the training schedule, tips for better workout results and samples of workout plan!

Peloton Workout Schedule to Lose Weight

Creating a structured workout schedule can be instrumental in achieving weight loss goals with Peloton. Here’s a suggested seven-day workout plan that combines various Peloton classes to optimize calorie burn, improve cardiovascular fitness, and build strength:

Day 1: Cardio Endurance Ride

  • Start the week with a 45-minute or longer endurance ride on your Peloton bike. Choose a class that focuses on steady-state cardio to build endurance and burn calories.

Day 2: Strength Training

  • Incorporate a 30 to 45-minute strength training class using weights or bodyweight exercises. Peloton offers a range of strength classes targeting different muscle groups. Choose a class that suits your preferences and goals.

Day 3: HIIT Cardio Workout

  • Engage in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout. Select a 30-minute HIIT cycling or running class that combines bursts of intense effort with active recovery periods.

Day 4: Active Recovery and Yoga

  • Give your body a break by engaging in an active recovery day. Take a low-impact ride or a recovery run to keep your muscles active without overexerting them. Follow it up with a restorative yoga class to improve flexibility and relax your mind.

Day 5: Power Zone Ride

  • Power Zone training on Peloton helps you work at specific intensity levels to improve your fitness and burn calories. Take a 45-minute Power Zone ride, adjusting your effort level based on the instructor’s cues.

Day 6: Full-Body Strength and Core

  • Focus on full-body strength training combined with core exercises. Choose a 45-minute class that incorporates compound movements and exercises targeting your abs and core muscles.

Day 7: Long Ride/Run

  • Wrap up the week with a longer ride or run to build endurance and burn extra calories. Select a scenic or challenging class to keep yourself engaged and motivated. Aim for a duration of 60 minutes or more.

Note: This is a sample schedule, and you can adjust it based on your fitness level, preferences, and time availability. Remember to incorporate rest days throughout the week to allow your body to recover and prevent overtraining.

If you’re looking to use your Peloton bike or treadmill to aid in weight loss, here’s a suggested workout plan that incorporates both cardio and strength training:

If you’re looking to use your Peloton bike or treadmill to aid in weight loss, here’s a suggested workout plan that incorporates both cardio and strength training:In the quest for weight loss and overall fitness, many individuals have turned to Peloton, a popular fitness platform known for its high-energy workouts and interactive training programs. With its range of cardio and strength training options, Peloton offers a versatile platform to help you shed those extra pounds and improve your overall health. In this article, we’ll outline a comprehensive Peloton weight loss workout plan that incorporates both cardio and strength training exercises.

Setting Realistic Goals

Before diving into your workout routine, it’s essential to set realistic weight loss goals. Remember that healthy weight loss is generally considered to be 1-2 pounds per week. Set achievable targets and give yourself a reasonable timeframe to accomplish them. This approach will help you stay motivated and prevent frustration.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardio exercises play a vital role in burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness. Peloton offers an extensive library of classes that cater to different fitness levels and preferences. To maximize your weight loss efforts, aim for at least five days of cardio workouts per week. Mix up your routine by choosing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes or longer endurance rides/runs. Gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as your fitness improves.

Strength Training

Incorporating strength training into your routine is crucial for building lean muscle mass, which can boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Peloton offers strength and toning classes that utilize bodyweight exercises or incorporate dumbbells. Aim to include two to three strength training sessions per week, targeting different muscle groups on different days. Diversifying your workouts will challenge your body and help prevent plateaus.

HIIT Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. Peloton offers a variety of HIIT classes that combine short bursts of intense exercise with active recovery periods. These workouts are time-efficient yet challenging. Incorporate HIIT workouts into your routine, aiming for at least one or two sessions per week. The intense nature of HIIT can continue to burn calories even after your workout has ended.

Long Rides/Runs

Once a week, schedule a longer ride or run to build endurance and burn extra calories. Peloton offers scenic routes and challenging classes that will keep you engaged during these extended sessions. Push yourself and gradually increase the distance or duration of your long rides/runs to improve your mental and physical stamina.

Rest and Recovery

Rest days are essential for allowing your body to recover and prevent burnout. Incorporate rest days into your weekly routine and use this time to engage in gentle activities like stretching or taking a yoga class through the Peloton platform. These activities can help improve flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and provide a mental break from intense workouts.


While exercise is a crucial component of weight loss, it’s important to remember that nutrition plays a significant role as well. Adopting a healthy, balanced diet is key to supporting your weight loss goals. Focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods such as lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Monitor portion sizes and stay adequately hydrated throughout the day.

Can the Peloton workout plan help you to lose weight?

Peloton workout plans are good for losing weight

Peloton offers a wide range of equipment and classes for weight loss training. A peloton workout plan is a combination of different exercises, from HIIT to cycling and core training. These exercises burn calories and fat decently, as well as build up your stamina.

Peloton workout plan
Peloton workout plan

The advantages of Peloton workout schedule in general are:

  1. Good for your health, stamina and fitness
  2. No yo-yo effect as it is a form of workout and training
  3. Clear progress and result of losing weight within a short period of time

Therefore, you should consider taking up the Peloton workout plan to change your fitness game.

Great fat-burning training classes from Peloton

You can find dozens of Peloton workout routines on its website and via your account or subscription. But each of them has different fitness goals and intensity. To choose the best Peloton workout for weight loss, you have to take into consideration two factors: level and type of Peloton class.

Level of Peloton classes

Peloton classes must have the same or compatible level with your body strength. They are often classified as easy for the beginner, intermediate for experienced trainees, and intensive for hardcore Peloton fans.

Different difficulty for Peloton workout
The different difficulty for Peloton workout

If you follow an underclass routine, it would have little effect on your weight loss. Vice versa, if your workout schedule is too tough or complex for you, you might drain your body as well as have a hard time following it.

Type of Peloton classes

Peloton workout plan for weight loss should include cycling, endurance, strength, cardio, and HIIT training. You can find various schedules and programs for these classes on the Peloton website.

Some of the recommendations are:

Power Zone Endurance Ride 

These classes allow your body to exert power and endurance on intensive spinning Peloton bikes. You can accompany Matt Wilpers, Dennis Morton, and Christine D’ercole to train in these rides.

Power Zone Endurance Ride
Power Zone Endurance Ride

HIIT and Hills Ride

These classes are efficient if you want to burn lower-body fat quickly. Olivia Amato, Alex Toussaint, and Ben Alldis give the best instruction in this class.

HIIT and Hills Ride
HIIT and Hills Ride

Bodyweight Strength 

These are excellent for well-proportioned and abdomen-focus weight loss. Let’s train your core strength and burn fat with Rad Lopez, Marcel Maurer, and Daniel McKenna.

Bodyweight Strength
Bodyweight Strength

Upper Body Strength 

You can shred some weight on your arms and tighten your chest and core strength significantly when training with this schedule. Check out fantastic classes and instructions from Rebecca Kennedy, Jermaine Johnson, and Matty Maggiacomo.

Upper Body Strength
Upper Body Strength

How to build the best Peloton schedule for weight loss?

Determine mindset and set your goal

Never choose your workout routine for weight loss randomly. You have to base on your body strength, excess weight, and weight goal to plan carefully. Remember that the workout plan for overweight trainees and slightly unfit ones shall be totally different.

Step 1: You have to determine your mindset. 

It means that you have to know whether you want to drastically shred weight off your body, or just reduce some pounds then keep your ideal weight and prevent putting on weight again.

Set your goal
Set your goal

Step 2: Set your goal straight away. 

The easiest way is to set weight loss per week or per month. Daily weight loss can vary depending on different circumstances, so setting the standard is not recommended.

Step 3: Translate your weight loss goal into a workout routine. 

Calculate your calorie intake and make a few calculations to find out how many calories you should burn per day. Then, pick the Peloton classes that are suitable for the calorie burn.

Choose Peloton class
Choose Peloton class

Map out your workout plan in detail

Let’s get down to the specific plan. An ideal plan should be pushing your body to burn calories, but not draining or over-exerting. The components of the Peloton workout schedule are fundamental too.

When planning a workout schedule, time, length, and intensity are super important. You can map out using these three steps:

The frequency

Depending on your allocated time spent for the workout, you can take daily, odd-days, weekly, or weekend training. However, to get the best weight loss results, it is recommended that you do a daily or odd-days schedule.

Typically, a regular daily workout, in the morning is also ideal, is good for all. However, if your normal schedule is packed, you can take the workout three to four times a week.

If you are too busy with work and private life, you can consider jamming the Peloton workout schedule at weekends. Two sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning will help to keep your weight loss plan in check.

Workout with Peloton
Workout with Peloton

The length 

It is up to your Peloton classes and weight loss goal to map out the total time. But remember not to drag out your session too long, it would be unwise to overdo your stamina.

A Peloton workout class often takes around 30 minutes to 45 minutes in general. For a newbie in Peloton training, it would be good for 1 and a half hour or 2 hours per workout session, warm-up and stretching included.

When you are fairly into Peloton workout, the length of the session can increase. Some may take up to 3 or more hours to train in the Peloton weight loss schedule.

The intensity 

As said above, Peloton programs are classified into levels suitable for the trainees and weight loss goals. Pick the classes that are suitable for your physique to maximize fat burning.

If you are a beginner, you can choose the classes in the easy categories, or even intermediate if you want to spice it up. However, you should not go up to hard mode when you are inexperienced and not physically on par.

On the contrary, when you are familiar with Peloton workout, you should go for the intensive training classes to boost your weight loss. Beginner classes at this point would do little for your plan progress. But you can still use them for warming up if you want.

Some strategies for the Peloton weight loss plan you can check out:

Purchase all the required equipment

In a good Peloton program for weight loss, you can find the coaches using different equipment to supplement the class. These pieces of equipment are common with Peloton lovers all along.

You can easily purchase them on the Peloton website. Some of the most popular and helpful equipment are:

  • Peloton bikes
  • Workout matt
  • Dumbbells
  • Peloton shoes
Buy Peloton bikes
Buy Peloton bikes

Keep an eye on your progress

Remember to record your workout result and your after-session vitals. You can track your performance via:

  • Integrated function on the Peloton bike’s display screen
  • Fitness bands synced with your Peloton tracking app

If you consider purchasing fitness bands, you should source out reliable brands such as Apple Watch, Garmin, or Fitbit smartwatch.

Peloton & Apple Watch
Peloton & Apple Watch

Revise and improve your workout schedule from time to time

After starting your Peloton weight loss workout schedule, listen to your body signal. If you feel the current plan is too lightweight, you can speed up your schedule and vice versa.

You may feel the progress is lagging behind, or your body may show signs of discomfort or aches. In this case, you should do a periodical review and revision of your workout plan.

Notes for the best Peloton weight loss workout schedule

Diet and healthy eating habits: Calorie deficit diet plan

No workout plan alone can help you lose weight in a healthy and stable manner. Your lifestyle and especially eating habits should follow suit.

For eating habits, you should switch to eat-clean or healthy food if possible.

Eating junk food with high bad cholesterol will make your workout go to waste. A balanced and well-proportioned diet will supply you with enough nutrition for your body to stay in shape.

Healthy diet for Peloton training
Healthy diet for Peloton training

A diet is not always compulsory for the workout, but it is highly recommended in a weight loss schedule. You should learn how to create a calorie deficit diet to lose weight along with the Peloton workout plan.

The science behind a calorie deficit diet is that your intake of calories should always be lower than your expense calories, so your body will use the reserved fat to produce energy, thus losing body fat. However, your body intake should be sufficient for your body’s survival function (body heating, metabolism, and so on).

Avoid unhealthy food
Avoid unhealthy food

For lifestyle, the two utmost important reminders are that you supply yourself with enough water and sleep. Avoiding overconsumption of alcohol, caffeine, and alike will also help to improve your weight loss results.

Tactics to increase the efficiency of the Peloton workout plan

There are simple tactics that you can use to improve your weight loss progress with the Peloton schedule. It helps to accelerate fat burning without straining your body too much.

Be strategic with your body part training

You can either focus slightly more on the body part having too much excessive weight. For example, if you want a slimmer waist, be sure to include core and abdomen training plenty in your schedule.

Peloton class for losing weight
Peloton class for losing weight

Be sure to maintain the overall strength of your body. You can also train your weakest muscles to have a better body shape as well as reduce the problem of having distortion in body training.

Use the progressive overload trick

Increase the intensity of your Peloton training plan bit by bit to lose weight faster. You can either do more classes, increase the rep of your program or shorten the interval breaks. It would help to positively push your body to burn more calories.

You can always learn more tips for Peloton training:

Tips to keep you motivated when training Peloton fitness routine

Peloton training schedule requires consistent and hard-working effort, so do not let you get burnt out and lose your motivation. There are several tips for you to take when you want to give up your training:

  • Take a break when you feel overworked or strained
  • Switch to the classes or programs that you enjoy most
  • Have a planned cheat meal to reward for your steadfast workout

Be sure to keep your mood up!

Keep motivation
Keep motivation

Be thorough with your preparation when training with Peloton

In the Peloton workout for burning fat, never skip the warming up and stretching session. It always helps to:

  • Relax your muscles, joints, and bones
  • Kick your system into the workout better
  • Reduce any chance of injuries or cramping your muscles
  • Increase your stamina and endurance

How to fix the situation when you can’t lose weight with the Peloton workout plan anymore?

The nightmare of all Peloton trainees following the fat-burning plan is that their weight is still. No progress in losing weight can be attributed to various factors.

Macro counting of Peloton workout
Macro counting of Peloton workout

The reason is that your calorie intake is higher than your calories burnt. You should double-check

  1. The calorie amount of food you are consuming
  2. The estimated calories burnt from your workout

You should see some disagreement in the calorie calculation between them. It is highly likely that your calorie plan is having a problem. You can fix the situation by either:

Increasing your workout plan to burn more calories. You can add more classes to your schedule or expand the length of your sessions. However, don’t overwork or strain yourself.

Changing your diet and eating habits. Review your daily portion and try to cut out the excessive calories. You can also switch to the alternative food choice with lower calories.

A tip for you is that you can try macro counting. Macro counting will help you to regulate the calorie intake per day, and make out the average calories you rid of from your workout. This method is relatively accurate and helps you have a bigger picture of your Peloton workout plan and lifestyle.

Sample and guide for Peloton weight loss workout plan and schedule

For the best Peloton weight loss plan and schedule, you can plan it from daily to monthly. Any way is fine, as long as your plan is well made and in good proportion. Some of the samples you can consider are right here:

30-day Peloton workout plan

The 30-day Peloton plan is a long-term choice. It would help you to have a grab of the whole course and track your training easier. If you keep a calendar of the monthly plan, you can do a daily check to see how far you have gone.

You can check out the following 3-level 30 days of Peloton workout plans to choose from!

Peloton weekly workout plan

A weekly plan is the most popular choice after all. It is practical, easy to plan, and easy to revise if you are not satisfied with the progress. You can create several week-worth schedules and mix them up to have a fun and fresh plan for the long term.

Weekly plan
Weekly plan
Weekly workout
Weekly workout

Peloton everyday workout plan

Using a Peloton daily weight loss plan is suitable for people with little time for planning, or who want to try different programs and courses spontaneously. However, a daily plan, for the long term, is not good for overseeing the whole training progress.

Daily Workout
Daily Workout

Sample routine: Peloton workout calendar for easy, intermediate, and intensive plan

Finally, your Peloton workout plan should be compatible with your physique and training level. Here are some of the schedule examples for each level that you can refer to:

Easy Plan
Easy Plan
Intermediate plan
Intermediate plan
Intensive plan
Intensive plan

Bonus: Before and after the reveal of the 30-day Peloton workout plan

As a cheer up for anyone wanting to lose weight with the Peloton workout plan and schedule, let’s take a sneak peek into the hyped before-and-after body change from Peloton trainees:

3 week before & after Peloton workout
3 weeks before & after the Peloton workout
30 days before & after with Peloton
30 days before & after with Peloton
30 days on Peloton workout
30 days on Peloton workout

As you can see, they show good progress in losing weight and getting in shape just after one month. If you follow the schedule properly, you can unlock these achievements too!

If you are interested in more transformation, you can see it here:


1. Does Peloton have a weight loss plan?

Yes, Peloton supplies a lot of weight loss plans.

2. How effective is the Peloton workout plan and schedule?

If you take Peloton classes regularly, they can help you to achieve your body goal effectively.

3. How long does it take to start losing weight with Peloton training?

You can start losing weight with Peloton training weekly, but the results are shown clearest after 12 weeks on average.

4. Is it okay to use Peloton cycling every day?

Yes, Peloton cycling is safe for everyday riding.

5. How many calories does a 30-minute Peloton cycling workout burn?

On average 30 minutes of Peloton cycling can burn around 300 calories.

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